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Frequently Asked Questions

What is usability testing?

Usability means focusing on the users. Indeed, in order to develop a product that is usable by your user, it is above all necessary to know, understand and work with the people who will use the final product.

Why does user experience matter?

The user experience allows you to deeply improve your service / product, it is what will allow your users to have meaningful experiences during their journey.

When to perform usability tests?

Usability tests are to be carried out throughout the life of your product / service. They should be carried out upstream during the ideation phase, during the release and then during the various phases of improving your product. This will allow you to always have your user's needs at the center of your creation process.

How Odaptos software can help me perform better usability testing?

Thanks to our software, you will be able to concentrate on interviewing your user and less on taking notes. We automate the transcription of your tester's text as well as the analysis of these emotions for you. This way, a few minutes after the end of your interview, you will be able to access a complete analysis of your user's feelings, allowing you to quickly make the right decisions about your product.

What is emotional design?

Emotional design allows you to add value, to bring experiences to life through your products. Odaptos helps you to understand in depth the real needs of your user.

What is the role of artificial intelligence on usability testing?

Thanks to our artificial intelligence, we can analyze the feelings and emotions of your users through facial recognition and natural language analysis. We allow a few minutes after the interview to provide you with an automated report based on your participant's emotions.

How many tests I should do to be effective?

According to the studies of the NN group, as a first step you can carry out a qualitative research of 5 user tests which allow you to understand up to 80% of your problems. Subsequently, in order to understand in more detail some of your functionalities or journeys, you can perform up to 20 user tests in order to retrieve quantitative information. Thanks to our tool, you can easily perform these quantitative tests in a simple and efficient way at a competitive price.

What payment methods do you offer?

We use the Stripe payment platform in order to secure your bank details in the best possible way.

Does Odaptos provide invoices?

We will send you an invoice directly after your purchase summarizing the details of your order.

What is a project?

In our platform, you can organize your tests by project, allowing you to organize the best way for your usability research.

What is a Test?

A test is user research focused on a problem you are trying to solve. Ex: Purchase tunnel, Creation of an account. When creating your test, you will be able to choose a plan that will be assigned to it allowing you to acquire Free, Basic or Premium results.

How Many task can I have on a test?

3 tasks on a Free plan, 10 tasks on a Basic plan, ∞ tasks on a Premium Plan

What is an Interviewee ?

Your interviewee is the person with whom you're making your test.

Can I transfer my Projects and Test?

Yes, you can transfer the ownership of a project and individual tests with other users of the platform, remember that once transferred they will not be accessible to you.

Can I have a refund?

Yes, if you need a refund please <a href="" target="_blank">Contact Us*</a> our teams will be ready to help you.

How do you protect sensitive data?

We use end to end encryption in all of our services, and we only allow the replay of the interviews under your account.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at anytime, we will not keep anydata on our data centers. We value privacy over all things.

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